Why Choose the Lamb Group?

The Quality Standard

The Lamb Group has the experience of having abated PSM citations for clients nationwide. Our clients include more than 350 firms for which we have performed PSM and RMP compliance services. Many of these facilities for which we have supplied PSM services have been under OSHA citation.

PSM Quality Standard:

The Lamb Group services have been subjected to compliance inspections and repeatedly passed compliance reviews as indicated by the following statements:

  • The Lamb Group was selected to develop the PSM Compliance Program for the abatement of the OSHA/Armour Swift-Eckrich (ASE) PSM Settlement Agreement which established the benchmark by which OSHA enforces compliance with its PSM Standard. Lamb Group developed the programs, operating procedures, P&IDs, mechanical integrity, and training necessary for ASE to abate the citation and provide the ongoing compliance for the facility.
  • The Lamb Group was selected to provide training for the North Carolina OSHA Program Quality Verification "PQV" Team on the PSM Standard.
  • Our PSM Program was selected as the "model" for use by Federal OSHA to train over 100 Compliance Officers, in a three-day seminar, on what a PSM Program should contain.

Our team's knowledge of the processes and production problems at industries is invaluable as we develop a company's compliance program over a period of eight to nine months.


Site-Specific Solutions

We are not a large impersonal company offering "canned programs." We are a team of highly-qualified professionals, dedicated to satisfying the specific needs of our clients in ways that make sound business sense. Our approach is to harmonize regulatory requirements with the realities of your business operations and budget.

Reliable Responsivenes

We treat all clients as though they were our only client. We respond to your needs quickly, whether it's a simple request for information or the urgency of an emergency service. Such timely response, especially in critical situations, has saved our clients millions of dollars in down-time and potential penalties.

Common-Sense, Interactive Training

Our training services respond to real needs and real situations. We don't get bogged down in regulatory jargon and irrelevant examples. We provide clear, simple explanations and function-specific scenarios. Our unique, interactive approach involves students in the discussion and ensures understanding and competence in all relevant knowledge and skills.

Quality Performance

Above all, we take pride in the quality of our work. Our members possess the qualifications, experience, skills and resources to assure consistent excellence. As individuals and as a team, we are committed to our operating ethic... to do it right, the first time and to follow through to ensure your complete satisfaction.