Training and Development


Site-Specific, Job-Specific, and Interactive Training


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The provision of training and development services does more than simply help an employer comply with the requirements of safety, health and environmental regulations. By ensuring that all persons with risk of exposure to hazards are properly trained, the employer enjoys the benefits of a knowledgeable and skilled, on-site team, which can function together to recognize potential hazards and to safeguard the workplace and the community. Viewed in this light, training and development courses are a critical aspect of any safety, health and environmental management program.

The Lamb Group takes great pride in the quality and scope of its regulatory training syllabus. While some courses (as indicated) have been developed to provide a general awareness of OSHA and EPA requirements and to assist managers and supervisors to prepare and implement compliance programs, most are custom-tailored to the specific needs of your workplace and result in the certification of workers to safely complete their assigned tasks.

Lamb's site-specific services are the result of hours of intense research and applied expertise by competent consultants and professional trainers. They carefully consider the actual and potential hazards of your working environment, the equipment, processes and chemicals in use in your plant, the policies and procedures which you have developed and the operating procedures which you have put in place.

The result is an intense and relevant learning experience which goes far beyond mere awareness of potential hazards and the general requirements of regulatory agencies. Interactive training sessions, coupled with meaningful student materials and audiovisual aids, ensure that all students gain intimate understanding of the specific hazards they may encounter and the actions required to minimize risks and to respond to real situations which may threaten their safety and health. Lamb's training services answer not merely the "what" of regulatory compliance, but also the "why" and "how".

This section outlines many of the standard training programs which have been developed and presented by the Lamb Group in response to specific OSHA and EPA regulations. Additionally, we have the expertise and resources to research, prepare and conduct training on any aspect of your operations which concerns safety, health and environmental management. We will be pleased to review your needs and to ensure site-specific, job-specific training to meet your individual requirements..

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